Imam W.D. Muhammad
Imam WD Muhammad Part 1
Imam WD Muhammad, Part 2
The Role of Man in Society Part 1
Imam W.D. Mohammed
March 8, 2003
I see that a lot of my friends are out here
today. As for my enemies, if you can
stomach me, I can stomach you. My
father said he had a cast iron stomach. He
used to be able
to eat peanuts whole.

We are born from our mothers knowing
nothing. We all start out the same,
knowing nothing. We are born into
the world and the world gives us a lot of
language but little insight.
The role of man in society begins with the
creation of the human
soul. "Allah created the male and the
female from one
soul". The word for soul in Arabic is
"nafs". The
Arabic pronoun for Adam is huwa which
means "he". Now if
Adam was a she. The pronoun would be
"heya". The pronoun
for eve is "heya". There is no neuter
gender in Arabic.
That is, there is no word for "it" in Arabic.
are either of the masculine or feminine
gender in Arabic. When
we say nafs (soul), the pronoun is "heya"
indicating the feminine
gender. The nafs (soul) being feminine
does not refer to
Adam or Eve—because they have not
been formed yet. Though
the nafs is feminine by gender, in
grammar, its essence is neither male
nor female. The male and female when
they mate they
reproduce themselves. The most important
thing in this
portion of the lecture is the common
human soul. In the
old language when we say the word male
it means outgoing. When
we say the word female—it means inside.
The people who
gave us these terms are wiser then the
people in religion. There
are only a few people in religion that are
wiser then those who created
this material world of man. What I am
giving you is the
translation of the language of mans
material world. You
need a translator. In the English
language, there are many languages for
the perception of reality.
The revealed language is one of these
languages and it is a
different language. The common language
is a cover for the
real meanings of language. The
kindergarten language or
understanding of Adam—is that he is the
first father on the physical
male level. That is, that Adam is a physical
man. If
any of you still think on this kindergarten
level, you need to leave
now, because you are not representative of
what I have been teaching
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